Business rebels that changed New Braunfels

April 13, 2017By Pete WilliamsUncategorized

They acted on instinct and intuition. They decided on a course of action apart from the “normal.” Acting in this way can bring failure, and sometimes bring success. Each of these 4 businesses not only succeeded, they spurred creative growth in the community and helped make New Braunfels what it is today. Daring Authenticity When … Read More

Website design is about putting content first.

September 14, 2016By Pete WilliamsWebsite Design

You want to win with your website. Winning with a website means aiming for more than fancy graphics. You want great content that is organized in the best way possible. The winning strategy also includes a plan for keeping your website updated – providing fresh content to help draw the interest of visitors and search engines. For your … Read More

Advertising – it’s complicated

April 12, 2016By Pete WilliamsUncategorized

There are two main types of advertising… The first type: You advertise to make an impression and to provide important information about your business. You invest in a billboard in a good location. You buy a radio commercial that will play enough times to be heard by a large number of people. You sponsor a … Read More

Technology in design is making many things “ho hum”

January 4, 2016By Pete WilliamsUncategorized

There was once a time when having a brochure printed in color made it really stand out. Full-color printing (four-color) was expensive, and as a result, there was a lot of creative effort in producing attractive one-color and two-color brochure and poster designs in order to save money. These designs could be produced economically by … Read More

Marketing – Never be boring

January 3, 2016By Pete WilliamsUncategorized

“Make it interesting.” I say this to myself before starting on a new marketing communication project. Usually, when discussing a project with a client, the following items are discussed: Graphic design Crowding every bit of information into the available space that the organization wants to publish. We want to help the client communicate as they wish, … Read More